Two Teams, One Fight?

As the saying goes, “Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.” I’ve been wondering in this political climate, why that hasn’t happened. One of the biggest criticisms I’ve heard from true conservatives is that this president is not an actual conservative or that he is not conservative enough. It strikes me as odd given they still voted for him. In 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for office, I’d hear conservatives say they’d never vote for a “draft dodging womanizer” however fast forward to 2016 and those same people turned out in droves to vote for a “draft dodging womanizer”. So much so that over 80% of Evangelicals voted for this current president. This is so bizarre to me! Why are Clinton detractors so eager to vote for the same behavior? Is it something more? Only those voters could answer that question. Now, back to my original point. Why are true conservatives still vigorously defending this president? We know the reasons why progressives (Liberals for my conservative friends) are hoping for impeachment proceedings. As a reminder, there is the Russian connection (that keeps growing), the racism, sexism,  the bad business dealings, the incompetence, I could go on but you catch my drift. So if Trump is not conservative enough why aren’t conservatives pushing for impeachment as well? If this president were to be impeached then thrown out then we all win! Hear me out. True conservatives would get the type a president they really wanted in Mike Pence. This guy is so wacked (Conservative, sorry!) that he actually supports conversion therapy for homosexual people and also can’t bring himself to have lunch with a female colleague without the presence of his wife. I mean God probably looks at him and thinks, “This cat is wound up too tight man, he’s got to loosen up a bit!” He’s too good to be true for you guys! I know I know, what’s in it for us right ? Well, we get Trump out of the White House and an even better chance at blocking the GOP. You’re probably thinking, “WTF?! How?!” Well, when you lose the popular vote you also lose any chance of having a real  mandate. You see, it’s documented that the majority of the people don’t want what you want. Protests ensue. Congress, judges, other voters and the media see all of it. As momentum builds, that president  finds it harder to get anything done. So if a popular vote losing president can’t get anything done, imagine what an unelected one will accomplish. Uh oh!  I blew it, didn’t I? You’re thinking, “they come out way ahead!” Well, forget I said all that, did I mention none of us will have to pay for so much damn golf anymore? I told you we all win! Yay us!! As always, stay safe and God bless. See you next time!

One thought on “Two Teams, One Fight?

  1. They don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️. They vote for Trump because they’re anti gay marriage, anti trans gendered using restrooms in the gender in which they identify, and anti abortion. Little do they know that transgender’s have been using public restrooms their entire lives.


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